Solution To Yahoo Mail Not Working

It is very uncommon for Yahoo server to not respond. Internet browsers sometimes go crazy and can cause Yahoo products to stop working properly so you cannot do the things you want to do. The steps in this article will help you fix the Yahoo mail not working problems caused by any browser related errors or settings.

Before trying the steps below, it’s a good idea to test the problem with another browser.Yahoo Mail Not Working

Steps to fix most Yahoo mail not working problems:

Check if the problem is resolved with one step before moving to the next.

  1. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

    Browser’s cache and cookies can hinder its performance. Clearing the cache and cookies can help with many types of browser functionality issues. This includes sign in problems, error messages, webpages hanging or freezing, browser applications not responding, and content not uploading.
    Select the browser you are facing the problem with.

  1. Update your browser.

    Yahoo is continually upgraded to work best with the latest version of your web browser (excluding the “beta” version). Therefore, make sure you upgrade your browser whenever the updates are available. Select your Web Browser below to download the newest versions.

  2. Make sure that JavaScript is enabled.

    JavaScript is a programming language essential for modern websites. If JavaScript is not enabled, some of Yahoo features won’t perform as it should. Therefore, make sure JavaScript is enabled in your Web Browsers. Select your Browser to change settings.

  1. Reinstall Adobe Flash Player.

    Adobe Flash Player is required for videos and interactive features in Yahoo. To update Adobe Flash Player:

      1. Download Adobe Flash Player.
      2. Run the downloaded setup file.
      3. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.
  2. Restart your computer.

    If you have tried the steps above and still have Yahoo Mail not working, restarting your device now might solve the issue.

If the Yahoo mail not working problem still isn’t fixed:

        1. Make sure your Internet is working properly, and your computer is connected to Internet.
        2. Test from another computer or mobile device.
        3. Temporarily disable antivirus, antispyware, and firewall products.
        4. Reset your browser to default settings.