How to Block Emails On Yahoo

Yahoo system uses different techniques that automatically detects and blocks most junk mail before it reaches your Inbox folder. Nonetheless, there are occasions you get unwanted (spam) emails that land on your Inbox. One of the best ways to keep your Yahoo account safe can be by blocking the spam contacts manually, so that you never receive any email from that particular email address. This article “How to block emails on Yahoo” describes the procedure to manually block email address.

You must be clear that by blocking email on Yahoo you will also not be able to send messages to that contact.

Steps on how to block emails on Yahoo:

  1. First, to block email yahoo, login to your Yahoo account.
    1. Go to,, or from a web browser.
    2. In the Yahoo mail login page that opens, fill in your Yahoo email address.
      • If you have a Ymail or Rocketmail account, you can also use those email addresses to login from the Yahoo mail login screen.
      • Make sure you enter your full email address.
    3. Uncheck “Stay signed in option if you are on a shared device.
    4. Click Next button.
    5. Enter your password.
    6. Click Sign in button.
    7. If you run into problems while logging in, use the Forgot password? link to regain access to your to block emails on yahoo
  2. In the Yahoo Inbox page, hover your mouse over the Gear icon at the top-right corner, as in the image below, and click on “Settings” option.How to block emails on Yahoo
  3. In the “Settings” box that opens, click on the “Banned Addresses” option on the left column.How to block emails on Yahoo
  4. Now, click on the empty input-box beside “Add an address” text, and enter the email address you want to block.How to block emails on Yahoo
  5. Click on “Ban” button block emails on Yahoo. The contact you have entered should appear in the box below the “Add an address” text.How to block emails on Yahoo
  6. If you want to remove an email from blocked list, select the email and click on “Remove” button.
  7. Finally, click on the “Save” button to save changes.
    I hope you have learned how to block emails on Yahoo.